Maxine "Max" Peters
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Anne Johnson and Derek Peters were superheroes that kept their identities unknown. They worked together to bring the downfall of a local gang called Black Bullets. Anne, taking the name Psio-Surge, had telepathic abilities while Derek, taking the name, had the ability to turn invisible. Together, they managed to stop the gang’s illegal work for a while. In that break, they got married and had two children, 2 years apart. Maxine, the elder, and Seth, the younger. Maxine was gifted with the abilities of telekinesis and minor telepathy. Seth could change his molecular structure. When Max and Seth were 10 and 8, the Black Bullets began to start illegal tasks again, this time with more members than before. Anne and Derek decided to train their children to harness their abilities so they could help fight the gang and keep peace in their town. The children were taught hand to hand combat and were also given weapons: Max, a staff sword and Seth, brass knuckles. Psio-Surge and Phantom held off the Black Bullet’s actions until Max and Seth were 15 and 13. By then, Max and Seth could use their abilities with total control. The children selected names with the help of their parents and were given costumes and masks. Max chose Psyche while Seth chose Moleculo. Psyche and Moleculo did well for a while, until the leader of the gang began to get pissed off at his men failing their missions. He set up a trap for the four heroes. He sent his weaker subjects as a decoy to a warehouse while the others stayed hidden in the rafters with rifles at the ready. As planned, the heroes entered the warehouse and easily took out the decoys. The snipers above then opened fire. Psio-Surge was shot

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 1996
Family Derek Peters aka Phantom (father, deceased)
Anne Johnson aka Psio-Surge (mother, deceased)
Seth Peters aka Moleculo (younger brother, deceased)
Status Alive, 15
Eye Colour Light Blue
Hair Colour Purple (formerly Blonde and Brown)
Height 5'6
Affiliation Young Justice
Weapons Staff-sword
Home The Cave
Friends/Allies -
Enemies Black Bullets



Max has a staff-sword given to her by her parents. She also has a superhero costume which she wears when she goes out on missions.



Maxine possess the power of telekinesis. She also has minor telepathic abilities. She can read minds and send messages to others’ minds.



Name Relation Feelings
SkyRim Friend He's pretty cool.