Victor Felix
Shadow Sable
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He was born in Germany, his parents were poor. It was nearing the end of WWII. He lived on the outskirts of the mainland, in an fairly unknown part of the country. As a kid he always enjoyed being alone. near the end of July he and his parents moved to Nagasaki, because the war was taking it's toll on Germany. He stayed home alone, and never went to school. That is, until August 9th. Because the lived near the outskirts he was able to get away fast, but his parents were at work, He was still caught in the holocaust, and knocked unconscious, with planks and other debris lying on top of him, in the dead of the night.A few weeks later he wakes up in a field hospital, feeling revitalized, and walks out, not paying heed to the medics. With no place to go he wandered the streets of Japan, and found out that he could control darkness, and travel through it. So he used his powers to sneak aboard a flight to the US, which by chance went straight to Metropolis. After three years he also found out that his aging also slowed to 10 times of a regular persons lifespan. He took on the name of Shadow Sable, and eventually joined the Legion of Doom, when it was still new. When The Controller took power, he quickly worked his way up to one of his lieutenants.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'3"
Affiliation Legion of Doom
Powers Darkness



grimm and sarcastic, cruel and sadistic, he has been called the personification of evil himself



  • He has a gauntlet through which he can channel darkness and change it into any form or weapon he wants
250 px

Abilities and WeaknessEdit

Abilities and Weakness

  • Umbrakenisis
  • Has the ability to travel through shadows
  • Is extremely intelligent, and speaks 5 different languages
  • Prolonged expose to UV rays, especially sunlight, severly weakens him



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