Nathan Sullen
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Nathan was born to Chris Sullen and Angela Felix, who died 6 months after his birth in a fire. From a young age he has spent many days in the hall of justice along with his father, and has been trained in martial arts since age 9 by different leaguers. When he was 10 he took up the monniker of SkyRim and has been a sidekick to his dad ever since, and became the youngest member to ever join Young Justice at age 11, and becoming their leader at age 13. Both his parents were flyers and he took over that aspect, without needing wings, and he also developed super speed. He is currently enjoying a wellfared education in Gotham Acadamy, where he ranks as the best of his class.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'2"
Affiliation Young Justice
Weapons Eskrima Sticks
Powers Flight
Super Speed



He is humorous and funny, but he can go all-out nerd on you, which he has done many times



  • He is very untrained and using his powers tires him quickly, so he needs to eat at least every 12 hours. He is also extremely allergic to peanuts.

Abilities and WeaknessEdit

Abilities and Weakness

  • *Flight
  • Super Speed
  • Intelligence
  • Just like his father he has a utility belt to carry around an assorted array of hand-to-hand weapons like smoke bombs rope etc etc
  • He has an average mastery of martial arts
  • He uses a bo which he can turn into eskrima sticks by twisting it halfway to the right and into nunchucks by twisting it to the left



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