Zoran McTear
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Zoran was born in South Queensferry, Scotland to Jacob McTear and Amrita Chandra. He was a mixed raced child so was subject to a certain amount of bullying. He was always the class geek and left secondery school a year early with the highest grades the school ahd ever seen. After he left school he moved on to collage. Thats when it changed. His father was murdered on his way from work at Edinburgh Castle. His killer was never caught. Amrita couldn't handle a 17 year old genius and slowly went mad. Between the 2 insedants Zorans was devastated. He was placed into a care home. He spent 4 years at college (3 of which in the foster home) and finished his college career at 19 with a degrees in metal smithing, mytology and genetic biology. He spent a year out fending for himself. He became an avid collecter of antiques, many of which featured in myhtology. He was approched by the PIB on a visit to a dig near New York. He was informed of his powers. He was promised a new life, a deal which he couldn't resist. He is now 20 and has never looked back.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 1996
Family Andrew Bennet (father, deceased)
Status Alive, 15
Eye Colour Light Blue
Hair Colour Auburn
Height 5'4
Affiliation Paranormal Investigation Bureau
Weapons None
Home PIB
Friends/Allies PIB
Enemies -



2 rings that he has enchanted/made magic.One from his mother (moonstone) and the other from his father (Agate).
  • His mothers ring gives him enhanced willpower because of his mothers love for her only son.
  • His father's is enchanted to increase endurance, his father used to run marathons and tried frruitlessly to get Zoran involved.



*Can create and control magical artifacts

  • Can Thether artifacts to individuals (refered to as Soul-binding)
  • Can break soul-bond on atrifacts.



Name Relation Feelings
Amrita Chandra Mother He misses her, but wasn't very close to her though.
Jacob McTear Father

He misses him the most as he was very close to him.

Sara Beckett Friend He is secretly attracted to her but is just a good friend.